Bohol Cave Explorations 2007

Posted: July 10, 2007 in Bohol Explorations
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By Doc Amores

The MAD (Mantaga Adventure Divers) Cavers undertook the Bohol Explorations on July 3-5, 2007.

Doc & Bernil

The project was under close cooperation with the Bohol Provincial Government – Hon. Erico B. Aumentado, Provincial Governor; Atty. Tomas B. Abapo, Jr., Provincial Administrator; and Mr. Guido Valleser, a senior officer at the Bureau of Fisheries, Provincial Agriculture Office. The Municipality of Antequera was particularly heavily involved through Hon. Cecil Rebosora, Mayor, and her trusted brother Police Officer Maximo “Boy” Rebosora.

July 03, 2007

We hit the town of Anda, 90 kms from Tagbilaran for our Exploration Day 1 on July 3, 2007. This was the first working day of the newly elected officials, so we had to rely on the private sector to guide us to the exploration sites. We could not have found a better man to this than “Col.” Cipriano Bernido (actually a retired Army General), the well-respected elder statesman of the town.

The first spring we went to was Tigdao.

Tigdao Spring, Anda

This got our hearts racing right off the bat since the place looks similar to our Pawod underwater cave in Mactan Island. Bernil did the initial swim-around exploration down to a maximum depth of 8 meters at a blind cul-de-sac.

We then proceeded to the Kabagno spring, a very interesting place indeed!

Kabagno Spring, Anda

Firstly, cliffs all around fringe it, with the water surface a good 5 meters vertical from the cliff’s edge. Exit problems became apparent very soon since the ladder was removed by the owner the day before we came, not in anticipation of our coming but to put and end to the illegal harvesting of his coconuts by people swimming in the hole. We tried knotted ropes for clambering up.

On a trial, this was successfully negotiated by Bernil…barely.

We finally sent somebody out to get us a bamboo ladder.

The underwater site in this area was nothing short of amazing – clear waters pierced by dancing sunrays. This is a truly amazing site indeed!

No significant tunnel penetrations in this area, but what a place for confined open water instructional dives.

Still in the same general area of Anda is Banilad spring. The area has long been converted into sort of a place of worship. A grotto with a statue of the Blessed Virgin serves as the center of attraction.

Because of the extensive modification, only a small natural cave is left. This leads to a tight space with a small pond of cool and crystal clear water. An underwater tunnel exists but it appears significantly constricted.

We wonder how beautiful this place must have been before its conversion into a place of worship.

Kalorenzo, the fourth cave we explored is very close to Banilad, right in the middle of nowhere.

Following a small path through the brushes, we arrived at the entrance. Inside, there are a big variety of geological formations dominated by stalactites and stalagmites.

We found small pools of crystal clear water here and there and perhaps an underwater tunnel, which appeared constricted. We put this one on our “to-explore-further” list.

Convento Spring, Anda

The last cave for the day was the Convento.

This is a trio of three different entrances. The caves again present a fascinating variety of geological formations dominated by stalactites and stalagmites. Only one has a pool of crystal clear water at the bottom.

A tunnel was explored but this leads to a constriction after a few meters – another one for the “to-explore-further” list. No significant underwater cave found, but what an exciting day!

We thank Col. Bernido, our local host, and his associates for this – and Mr. Guido Valleser for introducing us to the Colonel.

CONTINUE to DAY 2 of the Exploration

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  1. vickee says:

    Truly an amazing and pioneering work! Exploration has its chilling moments but definitely a rewarding finale… congratulations Doc and Bernil!

  2. Jester says:

    Where can i enroll in cave diving?

  3. Jester says:

    cave diving is so interesting.. hope i could join in one of your expeditions.. 😀

  4. miko says:

    I’m in if you need a support diver… am only a novice though but am happy to help.

    • bernil says:

      You are always welcome to join us, Miko! We’ll keep you posted for our long overdue trip back to Bohol. Perhaps you have a date in mind for an exploration; let us know and we can coordinate and organize the trip.

  5. Doc Amores says:

    If there are any interested cave divers out there for follow-up explorations on these caves, let us know.

    • Ben says:

      I’ve just stumbled onto your site… thanks for sharing. I’ve passed it along to my buddy who’s Cave 1 (GUE)…

      • doc amores says:

        Hi Ben, good to hear from you. I will wait for further communications. In the meantime, search youtube for “Hinatuan cave diving doc amores”.

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