The 1st Hinatuan Enchanted River Head Spring Exploration 2010

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Surigao Explorations
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 The 1st Hinatuan Enchanted River- Surigao del Sur Exploration was conducted on Feb. 19- 21, 2010.

Mantaga Adventure Divers

Bernil, Emgee & Doc


  • Dr. Alfonso “Doc” Amores – NACD (USA) # 3042
  • Bernil H. Gastardo – IANTD Technical Cave Diver #95508


  • Emmanuel “Emgee” Guillermo, PADI Advance/Deep Diver
Report by: Doc Amores


Hinatuan’s Enchanted River is a favourite tourism destination in the island of Mindanao. People as far away as Davao, a 6-hour bus ride away, take day trip excursions just to enjoy this natural wonder – a spring with cool crystal clear water, flowing out to sea some 600 meters away. The head spring is surrounded by up to 40-meter cliffs of soft limestone and lush vegetation.

There have been up to 3 dive explorations of the area, all by non-cave divers. This expedition is an attempt to define the nature and topography of the depths of the Enchanted River head spring. It is a joint effort of MAD (Mantaga Adventure Divers), a group of cave and associate divers from Mactan Island, Cebu and the LGU of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur.

MAD Cavers making a courtesy call to Mayor Candelario Viola Jr…

The LGU is represented by Hon. Mayor Candelario J. Viola, Jr of Hinatuan and Mr. Ferdinand Barrios, Municipal Planning and Development Officer.


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  2. livelovelotis says:

    Reblogged this on Learn.Live.Love.Laugh.Lotis..

  3. Aira Jimenez says:

    I’m aira from Cebu how to go there from Cebu to hinatuan by air ?

    • bernil says:

      Hi Aira! The closest airport to Hinatuan is in Bislig. Hinatuan will be a short drive away– which from Google Earth, I assume will be around 30 minutes. Here is a link I found to an airline company servicing the Cebu- Bislig route []. Happy travelling!

    • alfredo mantos says:

      Nope you cant reach it by air. the closest airport is in butuan city from there you will ride a bus to reach the area..

  4. KJ says:

    we’ve been there last weekend….very enchanting…whew!..but i wont advise kids to swim there…you have to watch out for the current flowing..

  5. Chedorie says:

    Sna isinali natin to sa new 7 wonders..

  6. Kael Bryan says:

    waaah! I wanna do this tooo. but I dunno how to start. Sigh.

  7. spencercris says:

    been there last month and I saw the print outs of your data.. nice work sir..
    I don’t have plans in swmming that day due to the extensive heat of the sun but the crystal clear waters of the river enticed me.. we were lucky enough though since we have friends that resides in surigao del sur,we did not have to look for hotels.. we were able to go to tinuy-ann fall in bislig city and britania islands.. they really have so much tourist spots there they ought to build some hotels or motels to encourage tourists both local and international…
    great job sir but I do hope you guys would be successful in your next dive.. godbless you sir..

    • bernil says:

      thanks! I agree to what you said regarding the potential of their spots as tourist destinations. The development of the areas to increase influx of tourism should be made (better roads, bathroom facilities, etc) but as we suggested to their local officials, the ambiance and the natural beauty of the areas should be maintained (less man-made noise, less concrete structures, etc..).

  8. banono says:

    kudos to the divers!!!!!!!!! great Job!!!

  9. shio.cortes says:


  10. CheryL Jims Aguelo says:

    nice one!

  11. king says:

    nice one mindanao !

  12. cernan says:

    very informative…good pictures too

  13. OLAN says:

    WOW! This is really awesome. You ahve shown the underwater world of Hinatuan’s Enchanted River. Great job!

  14. Ramil says:

    Thank you sir. thats great. I’ve shared it!

  15. Ramil says:

    This is an amazing expedition, a valuable source of info about this enigmatic tourist spot of our province. I will be citing your activity in my website and post it on my Facebook wall! Congratulations you simply answered the puzzles….
    Can i use this info and pictures for my website and postings? just to help promote tourism?


  16. Doc Amores says:

    Great blog, Bern!
    How about posting the Bohol expedition?
    How about putting a link to the YouTube video I posted? Here’s the URL –

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