Balamban’s Cambuhawi Spring 2010

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Cave Explorations, Cebu Explorations
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Bernil, Natsumi & Doc

It was a great drive from Mactan to Cebu then across the trans-central highway to get to the lovely Municipality of Balamban on that fine mid-morning on Dec. 15, 2010. The town is on the western coast of Cebu and faces the Tañon Strait.

Balamban’s Cambuhawi Spring  intrigued me when I visited it many summers ago– way back when I was not a diver yet. Cold, fresh water steadily spilled-out into the man-made pool where families and children kept themselves cool from the summer heat. I wondered then, where is the main source of all this strong water flow? It seemed that the water came from under the roots of a big tree that was growing on the side of the hill.

The Cambuhawi Spring of Balamban

Fast forward to the present– I am off to know what secrets lie at the bottom of the Cambuhawi Spring!

Doc, breaking-in his new Strada, gamely loaded the truck’s bed with our twin tanks and our entire inventory of cave diving accessories. I brought along my wife and our baby daughter for the scenic road trip from Cebu’s east to west coast.

The Cambuhawi Spring looked strangely quiet on that afternoon. The main pool was also drained, the water flow unblocked.

Opening the gate, we let ourselves in. I prepared a single tank with a regulator for an initial look-see. Doc suited up for this one. He first looked into a well, hoping there might be a deep tunnel there– nothing.

He then swam around the shallow area from where the water that feeds the main pool flows from– no holes, no restrictions, no tunnel– nothing.

The water flows up through the ground, through the stones and gravel covering the bottom of the shallow pool.

After a couple of minutes swimming around, Doc came up and declared that there is no tunnel or well for us to dive into. Our cave lights, reels, and twin tanks had no purpose in that site.

too many gears…

Oh well, it was still a fine trip with Doc and the family anyways– baby and wife enjoyed it! On the way back across the transcentral highway, we bought some fresh corn from a road side stand… it was a nice day.

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  1. jamjam says:

    yes the water flows from there but there’s a cave a few meters’s where the source of the water is….

    • bernil says:

      thanks for the info, jamjam! we heard about that too from a Balamban local about a well just over the hill. we hope to check it out sometime soon. best regards. cheers!

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