Posted: June 28, 2013 in Cave Explorations
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As a Filipino Cave Diver (FCD) member, I am privileged to meet, dive and explore with other like-minded, generous, hospitable and generally wonderful people!

The latest FCD Southern Philippines expedition was from June 20-26, 2013. And for the period that I was involved which was from June 20-23, I would like to say a heartfelt “SALAMAT” to the following people:

JAKE MIRANDA (FCD, Punta Bilar & JJ Dive Center)- as Expedition Leader for this trip, his excellent planning skills & logistics management made everything smooth, allowing us to maximize exploration time. We also declare his mobile diving van FCD exploration tested and certified! Thanks also to his attentive and helpful dive staffs.

LARRY WILLIAMS (FCD Associate Member)- for his valuable assistance in logistics and for welcoming us into his beautiful abode. Best of thanks to his wonderful wife, AYET and to her excellent cooking skills and warm hospitality.

LYNDON CUBILLAN (FCD, Surigao Dive Club)- for leading us to his discovery– the Lake Bababu of Dinagat, and for his videography skills, which allowed us to fully document the traverse from the sea to the lake. Thanks to his lady, Landz for the fine meals at Larry’s place.

FERDINAND BARRIOS (HINATUAN Municipal Planning Officer)- again, Ferdinand’s invaluable assistance and whole-hearted support shone through even though we had a change of schedule & was at his area 1-day earlier.

MAYOR VIOLA (HINATUAN Municipality)- even though we were not able to meet him on this latest visit, we felt his kind assistance and his generosity. And thanks also to the various folks of the HINATUAN TOURISM COUNCIL (Marlon & the rest) who gave us logistical assistance and showed us genuine hospitality.

MAYOR FELIXBERTO URBIZTONDO (BAROBO, Surigao del Sur)- for his willingness to help and for showing us the springs in his area. We hope that he will succeed in his endeavors to protect Barobo’s natural resources from illegal mining and illegal fishing.

LOURDES ALEJAN (FCD in-house Geologist)- for her enthusiasm and willingness to enhance our survey reports with her knowledge of geological compositions that create the tunnels and the underwater caves that we explore. Excellent road-trip companion too!

SURIGAO DIVE CLUB MEMBERS– for the wonderful dive at Cantrasa Shoal of which I declare is “currently my best saltwater dive for this year”! Special mention to JEANNE DUMLAO for the  topside hospitality. Thanks also to Ayesha Laurente, Vivian Chaplain, Clint Sia & Zati Orquina– nice meeting and diving with you guys!

DINAGAT ISLAND FOLKS– for their assistance in our Lake Bababu exploration. Without them, trekking up a hill and hauling tanks and other equipment after a deco dive would have been the kiss of death for us!

And last but not the least– to my cave buddy DOC AMORES, for injecting us the spirit of exploration and for setting the tone of the cave diving culture in this part of the country.

I look forward to more discoveries and explorations with Doc, Jake, Lyndon and the FCD Team! Cheers to the continuing growth of cave explorations and explorers in the Philippines!


FCD(Expedition reports will be posted at Visit the website to get the latest stories.)


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