Greetings from the Philippines!

Another day, another paradise island....

Another day, another paradise island….

The Philippines is an archipelago composed of 7, 107 islands (so much more during low tide)  :-).

Reefs, islets, shoals, in-land fresh water caves and springs abound in my country. Such abundance of natural resources offers a multitude of exploration possibilities for the curious and the intrepid individual!map-phils

As a diver, I am fortunate to live on the island of Mactan- Cebu. We have a diverse collection of dive sites that are only a few minutes to a few hours away by car or by banca (local outrigger boat).

Cebu is an excellent jump-off area since international flights fly directly to the Mactan Cebu International Airport and the domestic shipping port services most of the major island destinations such as Bohol, Surigao, Leyte, Dumaguete, Cagayan de Oro, etc.

Currently, my blog is a collection of cave diving stories with my buddy Doc Amores. We started to explore caves together back in 2007.

FCD_WhiteRecently, our two-man team called the Mantaga Adventure Divers (MAD Cavers) evolved and grew into a diverse and multi-talented group called the Filipino Cave Divers. Founded on April 2013 with Jake Miranda of Surigao del Norte, we see a whole new country of opportunities.

Please visit for an insight of our discoveries and current projects so that you may understand what the Philippines can offer to the international cave diving community.

This blog is evolving too. I will soon post more articles about recreational diving here in and around Mactan Island. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to browse around! Do drop me a line if you want to learn how to dive (or just to do fun dives) or if you want to join us in one of our future cave explorations.

  1. a says:

    nice!stay safe

  2. Cleo says:

    Bernil sensei!!! Gwapo kaayo imong page bai…I really appreciate what you guys doing. Regards from California.

  3. benj says:

    You guys are awesome! I’m both a spelunker and AOW diver but I’ve never considered combining both disciplines. LOL. Have you guys checked out Sagada’s cave systems?

  4. Club Vera says:

    Finally found your site – very interesting…

  5. To the others who have posted comments, I am a former mountain guide and am actively exploring caves in the Philippines. Feel free to contact me; perhaps we can all work together with Bernil to explore more of the Philippines.


  6. Hi Bernil,

    I am planning a trip to Bohol to explore caves in October. Can I have your email so we can talk about what you have done so far? Perhaps we can share notes or work together.

    Your stories are excellent. I look forward to more.

    Good Diving,


  7. rosini says:

    Hi….I am a member of a mountaineering club who also explores caves especially caves with vertical entrances that needs rapelling skills. I am so amazed at Cave Divers’ skills like you. I hope we can experience cave diving too and be able to learn more skills in cave explo.

  8. Bruce says:

    Do you know of any unexplored caves in south Philippines. I have been on quite a few expeditions in the Philippines and look to venture more in the south Philippines

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