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I know this took a long time coming so here it goes! Best of thanks to Hinatuan’s Municipal Planning Officer, Mr. Ferdinand Barrios for the advice on how to get to his hometown using the regular transports that ply from Nasipit/ Butuan.

From Cebu

Gothong Southern Ferries sails every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm to Butuan.

Take the Gothong  ferry that leaves for Butuan at 7pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Check latest schedules via internet as this info can change without prior notice.

Accommodations on inter-island ferries have definitely progressed. The bunk I got in the Tourist Section featured an 18inch flat screen monitor that was connected to a media box with a multi-card reader. It allows one to plug-in an SD card or USB drive and it’ll play your pictures or movies right there while you lay back in air-conditioned comfort and privacy.

From Nasipit Port

Get one with a sunshade!

Option 1: From Nasipit take a tricycle to Nasipit terminal and look for the bus bound for MANGAGOY. This bus will take you all the way to the Hinatuan terminal. From there, you can contract the services of a “habal-habal” motorcylce transport to take you to the Enchanted River.

For tourists who travel heavy– especially divers!

Option 2: You can take a jeep from the Nasipit terminal and get down at the Gaisano- Nasipit. There are vans for hire near Gaisano and you can direct the driver to take you straight to the Enchanted River.

Places to stay and contact numbers:

Sibadan : 0927-393-6207/0935-257-6540
C Sand Bar: 0939-788-8801
CJ Hometel: 0947-443-2548

Enchanted River Management Office: 0920-259-5554

And if you see these friendly guys at Hinatuan, please tell them the MAD Cavers said hi!

Enjoy your trip!

Doc, Bernil, & Lou

Another invitation from the ever supportive Mayor Candelario Viola Jr. and Municipal Planning Officer Mr. Ferdinand Barrios brought us back to Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur.

The team was composed of Doc Amores, Lou Holder and yours truly. The trip was conducted from June 11-14, 2011.



The strength of the water flow that hit my mask sideways half –flooded it when I turned to check on Doc and Lou. Hinatuan Enchanted River was coming at us extra strong and it took us all by surprise!

Clearing my mask quickly, I signaled to them the OK sign, and they gave me the same signal back.

29 meters/ 95 feet deep and 10 meters from the lip of the cave, the bubbles from my exhalation and the water rushing out and bouncing against the rock walls of the entrance sounded like traffic on a busy freeway. I did my best to lie as flat as I could on the gravel bottom, and with my arm muscles straining, I moved inch by inch deeper into the cave’s entrance as the strength of the spring water did its best to push me back out.

I had my 11 liter back-mounted twin tanks on and I left firmly clipped to the wooden log at the cave’s lip my 2 stage decompression tanks loaded with 50% and 100% oxygen. Doc was using his Evolution Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) and Lou had his Inspiration CCR.

Because the exhaled breaths of Doc and Lou were retained and reused by their life-support system, they didn’t produce any noticeable bubbles but I was pretty sure they were breathing as hard as I was with all the effort needed to maintain forward movement in the raging water flow.

The objective of this trip was to conduct surveys further into the Hinatuan Enchanted River Head Spring up to the depth of 90 meters/ 295 feet.

Hinatuan Enchanted River Head Spring Diagram by Doc Amores

We packed heavy on this expedition, anticipating the amount of required tanks and gas (Oxygen and Helium) to sustain us safely to the intended depth and back.

Similar to the first time we visited, the very kind Mayor Viola and the master organizer Mr. Ferdinand Barrios showed us their full support and the logistical challenges were easily managed.

Special mention and best of thanks again to Mr. Jake Miranda of Surigao Dive Club for lending to us a compressor and extra tanks. We would not have been able to complete our gas blending requirements without his help.

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