[linked to the article: The 1st Hinatuan Enchanted River Head Spring Exploration]

The head spring area coordinates are: 8deg27’15.5” N and 126deg21’13.66” E

Enchanted River is 14.5 km from Hinatuan town proper, mostly on old logging roads. It is 10.3 km away on a straight line.

The river run to the coastline is approximately 600 meters.

The head spring is elliptical in shape approximately 75X35 meters in dimension, lying in an east-west direction.

During the full diurnal tide cycle the water is mostly crystal clear except for when the tide comes in the area appears turbid looking from above as a result of the sea water coming in.

There are conflicting currents in the area when the sea water comes in at high tide as the gush of fresh water (specific gravity 1000) from the depths of the spring slams into the heavier salt water (specific gravity 1021.98) overhead.

On the surface, the vegetation debris moves in slow swirling eddies. As the tide recedes, the hefty flow of fresh water dominates, creating a constant moderate flow out to sea eastward some 600 meters away.

Down to the depths of the spring, the southern side of the ellipse is mostly a vertical wall, and on the northern side is a very steep slope with minor overhangs. The two sides converge in a narrow bottom base 26 meters from the surface. In this area is a minor jam of logs of up to 10 inches in diameter. From this base, the terrain slopes down to the north side to a transverse fissure measuring approximately 1X10 meters. A heavy outflow current is noted in this area. The east end of the base of the ellipse widens on the way up in a moderate slope, changing into a gentle slope up to the wading depths.


Animal and plant life:

  • The substrate of mostly loose limestone is moderately covered by brown algae.
  • There is a small variety of animal species. Most dominant is the Mangagat (a species of snappers). Siganids, scads and an occasional Moorish idol were observed.
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  1. minina says:

    yes its enchanted river because the word enchanted it is misteriouse i know what was that a lady who protects the enchanted river every 3:00 o’ clock the fishes are going to eat do you know what they are eating an alive octupos i know im right because i’ve been there

  2. hellothere says:

    im curious about that river, hope i can go there. 😀

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